Motivation and momentum lead to millions

Motivation and momentum

What makes us move forward and reach our goals and what stops from being success? Why do some people earn millions while others hardly make their ends meet? Read on to learn about the two concepts success depends on: motivation and momentum.

While motivation gives you the reasons and willingness to do something, momentum is actually the real action you need to take to reach your goals. Read on to find out ways to stay motivated and to move forward even when there is no motivation left. 


Motivation is like a burning match

Whenever we begin any project we usually feel very encouraged about it. We imagine the results it will bring, feel the joy thinking of how we’ll spend the money we are about to earn.

This strong feeling of anticipating something is called motivation. It can be compared to a burning match: when an idea comes to our mind, the sparkle becomes fire, but gradually the match burns out and there is no more fire to lighten the way.

Motivation is by default something that cannot last long. Thus it is crucial to keep going even in the days of low or no motivation. 

All motivation is self-motivation, the more you understand yourself, the more effective your efforts will be. Here are simple strategies you can try to keep moving to your goal:

  • Understand your goal. Try to word why achieving this goal matters to you. What is so special about the results it will bring. If you are honest and clear about what you’re working for, it can give you the stimulus to stay focused.
  • Try to visualize your goal, you can try combining it with a meditation session: imagine the result is already achieved, what would you feel, do, say. It is important to do so, as you can only get what you see. 
  • Practice positive thinking. Whenever you start a project or a big life-changing move, fear comes in: what if I do not cope, the project will take too much time, etc. Try to eliminate these ideas from your mind. Remember that positive thoughts lead to positive actions.
  • Put your goals into actions. Want to earn a million? Take a sit and write down the steps you need to take. The more precise you are, it is more likely happen. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream.
  • Try to see the whole picture. Think of how your results will affect people around you and their lives: your friends, family, co-workers, etc.
  • Use new approaches to solving tasks. Often a new approach can give you another perspective.
  • Avoid multitasking. Give your full attention to the task you are working at now.
  • Set the deadlines. Usually if you set specific time when the task should be complete, there are more chances to finalize it faster.
  • Make the process fun. Having fun during work is the best motivator as it makes you feel excited about what you are doing.
  • Think of how to reward yourself, you can get a small reward after each step to celebrate your milestones.

It is important to practice the above tricks to stay focused on your goals, but more than this it is crucial to actually start taking actions towards them. And this is where momentum can help.


Momentum is the actual action that results in progress

Motivation inevitably dies off. You can progress only if your motivation results in action. 

The Newton’s Laws of Motion states – a body that is still, will stay still.  A body in motion will tend to stay in motion. 

So, the solution is simple — to create momentum you must get into action. One small step is often enough to get the energy that will enable you to move towards your goals. What do high-performers do? They take action, work hard, achieve the result, and create the momentum that ignites their motivation. Here is how you can create your momentum:

  • get the best tools: find the role model, a strategist, a coach, someone to facilitate your progress;
  • think what is the one action you can work on in the next 5 minutes, that will make you close to your goal;
  • do the same thing, at the same time, at the same place. Be persistent and make it a habit that will last;
  • every morning set yourself goals for the day, every evening ask yourself a question, if you have done everything you could to achieve your  goals;
  • whenever you got this feeling of momentum and feel that you are on fire, don’t drop it and try get as many things done as possible;
  • when you get your days of laziness and procrastination, do something small to keep the ball rolling;

Remember that progress equals happiness. The more you do, the more tasks you complete, the better you feel and achieve.

Failure as part of success

Momentum means that a body in motion tends to stay in motion and vice a versa — a body which stays still, will stay still. Sometimes a negative momentum is able to destroy us. When we make a mistake, there is always a fear not only to make the step in the wrong direction, but to fall off the rail at all. 

In case of a failure, it is crucial to get up really quickly, before the negative momentum gets hold of you. It may seem complicated because you start to feel guilty and horrified of a new failure. Here is what you can do to recover from the negative momentum: 

  • Prevent further accumulation of negative momentum. So when you feel that you are doing something self-destructive, stop it the moment you realize it. You need to remember that you will not develop positive behavior again until you get the positive momentum.
  • Even if you do not feel like doing it, persist on what you were doing: go to the gym, run the miles you need to run, write that code or book you are supposed to write. It may take you a couple of days before you start to feel the groove again. Once you are doing great for several days in a row, you will feel productive again and will be happy to stop procrastinating.

Think of your life as of the train, once you fell off of your track, your task is to get back on the rail again. Treat failure as a fundamental part of success. Most obstacles we face are here to test us, not to stop us.

To sum it up, if your goal is a to earn a million, break it into steps to have a clear plan. Take conscious actions towards your goal on daily basis, every little step counts. Be ready to fail, but treat failure as a natural part of the process and as your preparation for success.