How to earn first money

5 way to earn your first money

At the beginning of the career earning money can be challenging, as it often seems that you have nothing special to offer the market. 

Going to prove the opposite and describe 5 effective ways to make your first money. The below options will require no special skills or extra investments and will help support your living and pay your student loan debt. 

This is how you can make money starting now: 

  1. Sell things you no longer need
  2. Sell your services
  3. Publish books on Amazon
  4. Start an online store
  5. Get hired

Sell things you no longer need

If you look around your place, you are sure to find a couple or more things you no longer use or like. So why not make some cash and clear the clutter out of your house at the same time. You can use different sales channels depending on the items you plan to sell and on how urgently you need money.

  • List your clothes on eBay. If you are not in a hurry try selling the clothes you no longer wear but which is still in shape. All you need to do is get your items clean and ironed, register an eBay account, and create listings. Refer to the eBay guide on how to start selling if this sounds interesting. 
  • Sell on Amazon and let Amazon take care of the fulfillment. Join Amazon’s Fulfillment Program and send them items you want to get rid of with profit. Amazon will store your goods until they are sold and will ship them out to customers. 
  • Set up a table at a flea market. It can be a great way to dispose of the used goods. Spend some time on price monitoring and set the prices a bit lower than average. This will let you unload everything you want to sell faster.
  • Sell your items to a local consignment shop. Many of them focus on a certain type of product. There are consignment shops for electronics, books, clothes, collectibles, antiques, etc. Consignment shops usually offer better prices compared to pawn shops.
  • Tell your friends on social media that you are uncluttering. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to demonstrate you have things on sale.

Sell your services

Sell your services, you can walk dogs or babysit

People are looking for help in many spheres of life. It may happen that you already have what they need. Do you speak any foreign language? Are you great with kids? Do you know a lot about dogs? Offer your services, find clients and get paid using special services. 

Try out services like Rover or WagWalking to walk the dogs for people who do not have time or ability to do it themselves. Earn money and make clients with pets happy. 

If a crying toddler is something that does not scare you to death, go for babysitting and sites like to find your clientele.

For selling higher-ticket services use Upwork. If you have programming skills or getting a degree in accounting or law, try to find clients ready to work with you despite the lack of experience. You can offer them a better price and use your study projects as a reference to the experience you have.

Publish books on Amazon

Publish books on Amazon

Write a book and publish it on Amazon. Though it can sound as a super-creative task in fact almost anyone is capable of writing about something he or she knows. You can create a non-fiction book telling about your personal experience in a certain sphere or sharing your professional knowledge about something. You can focus on solving a specific problem: a recipe-book, fitness, yoga, or a meditation book.

If you are no writer at all, maybe you do not need to be one. Look around, your friend or relative can be into it, or you can find a ghostwriter, and play the role of a publisher instead. Find the niche — the book category of high demand, get the author to write a book. Pay the author and publish the book. In this case, you’ll own the rights for the book and will make the profit of it. 

Have a book ready to be published? Create a Kindle Direct Publishing account and follow the steps given there. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Start with a short-read, this will let you test the market and see if your book is actually selling.

Start an online store

All you need to start your online business is a tablet and an Internet connection:

  • Get registered on any service that allows creating a website with a built-in e-commerce feature for free or at a moderate price (Wix, Ecwid, WordPress, etc).
  • Decide what you would like to sell. Think of the superpower you have, maybe your friends always praise the cakes you make or the binnies you knit. Turn your hobby into something that brings not only joy, but money.
  • Create the products in the online store by adding images and descriptions, set up shipping and payment options. You can find instructions on how to do it in the help center of the service you’ve selected.
  • Tell friends on social media that you have started an online store and ready to meet your first customers.

Get hired

Get a job as part-timer

In case none of the above sounds as an option, you can get a part-time or a full-time job even with no experience at all. If you are looking for a career change or if you have just graduated it may be a bit more complicated, but still possible. Besides, it will help you create your CV and gain the experience you lack. Here are the tips you can use when looking for a job.

  • Let your friends and acquaintances know that you’re open to opportunities. Post that info on your social media and get a LinkedIn profile. Mention it in the conversations with the people who may be interested in you as an employee.
  • When creating your CV emphasize your soft skills. At the very beginning of the career, you may lack hard skills and relevant experience. So remember the experience you’ve gained when you were studying. Maybe you were into fundraising or a charity program. Recollect the side-projects you participated in, like creating a school website or building an online store for your soccer team merchandise. 
  • Agree to work for less money. Think of the salary you are ready to work for that does not ruin your self-esteem, but becomes your competitive advantage.

And remember earning money is not only about the skills and experience you have, but it is also about confidence in your abilities.