Train employees with free software tools

No matter if you are a big enterprise or a small business representative you can use free online learning or training tools to improve the competences of your employees, to effectively onboard new team members, and to update your staff on new routines and procedures.   Online training and learning tools have many advantages over traditional […]

5 keys to resolving conflicts at work

A workplace can be a stressful environment as offices unite many people with different characters, life values, and moods. These differences tend to clash, which is normal and inevitable. To maintain a healthy working atmosphere the conflicts need to be resolved in such a way that each party feels satisfied and can continue working productively […]

Motivation and momentum lead to millions

What makes us move forward and reach our goals and what stops from being success? Why do some people earn millions while others hardly make their ends meet? Read on to learn about the two concepts success depends on: motivation and momentum. While motivation gives you the reasons and willingness to do something, momentum is […]

How to land a high-paying job

Visit the places you have always dreamt of, drive the car that makes your heart beat faster, give your wife the gifts she deserves. If this does not sound like reality, then you may consider landing a better-paid job.  Getting paid more does not always imply going back to the college or acquiring a new […]

How to earn first money

At the beginning of the career earning money can be challenging, as it often seems that you have nothing special to offer the market.  Going to prove the opposite and describe 5 effective ways to make your first money. The below options will require no special skills or extra investments and will help support your […]